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Ștefan Cândea

European Investigative Collaborations
co-founder, coordinator

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Currently I am the coordinator of the EIC network.

My work started with covering organized crime across borders in România at the end of the 90’s. Mid 2015 I co-founded EIC as a network_by_agreement between media organisations and currently I coordinate the editorial and technological projects between @derspiegel @destandaard @expresso @_infoLibre @lesoir @NewsNacional @nrc @politiken @theblackseaeu @vgnett and beyond.

I gathered an extensive work experience at the intersection of journalism, technology, activism and academia.

During the early 2000’s I was involved in the co-founding of one of the first European non-profit investigative structures, Centrul Român pentru Jurnalism de Investigație (CRJI). As a CRJI representative I participated in the co-founding of GIJN and OCCRP. Later on, as an ICIJ member, I contributed with research, articles and management for the first large scale cross-border collaboration, Secrecy for Sale. In parallel with my journalistic work, I was the correspondent of RSF in Romania for two decades.

These experiences pushed me to get involved in teaching collaborative methods and techniques at various universities and to develop critical research about media and investigative journalism structures, first as a Nieman fellow at Harvard and finally earning a PhD degree at the Universtity of Westminster.

Based on my investigative networking praxis and while looking for a way to lower the barrier to investigative collaborations, I also started the collaborative bundle Liquid Investigations which has been used since 2017 as the collaborative infrastructure technology for the EIC.network and its partners. I am interested in facilitating decentralized investigative collaborations across Europe and beyond, with a focus on Eastern Europe and currently explore clinical research approaches across fields.

In case you want to read further, here two articles related to journalism and technology (my personal research and views):

What’s in a Box: Two Romanians, a trip to Sierra Leone, and a Delaware offshore facilitator for the safety of Mexican journalists
Data Feudalism: How Platforms Shape Cross-border Investigative Networks
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