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John Frølich

Nordic Journalist Centre
Head of NJC
Nordic Journalist Centre (NJC) was founded in 1957. The goal is to support development of Nordic media and journalism by organizing mid-career training, seminars and workshop for journalists from all Nordic countries. Furthermore, NJC contributes to networking activities among journalists and editors in the Nordic Region, in North West Russia and the Baltic countries. Focus of the training has recent years been digital transition of Nordic media, climate reporting and the Arctic region. NJC has organized training and seminars in NW Russia for the past 18 years, financed by Nordic Council of Ministers. After 24. Feb. 2022 the focus has been A) to strengthen the possibilities of relocated independent Russian journalists to cover Russia from the outside and inform the public inside B) to empower relocated Russian journalists and develop competences that can be used and become valuable in a future Russia.