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energy observer
Career Focus
Investigative journalism on the intersection of the energy transition, climate change, electricity market, and carbon market across China and worldwide.
Work Experience
Based in China, I wrote about the renewables curtailment in the northern provinces. In 2017, as China launched the national carbon market, I covered the progress and bottlenecks of the emerging market. Since 2018, I have started looking at China’s overseas development financing in the energy sector.
My work has won my accolades such as Berlin energy Transition Dialogue Media Fellowship, Climate Change Media Fellowship, and several environment reporting programmes which also offers me the opportunity to conduct investigative reporting on energy transition in Germany, EU, Myanmar, Japan, and the US.
Between 2018 and 2019, I investigate how Germany and the EU conduct grid planning and operation, and how do they operate grid under high penetration of renewable energy. The series articles have been widely spread in the industry due to the professional and informational content.
In 2018, I met my 3 South Asian journalists at the Global Climate Action Summit in the United States. We formed a “walker’s group” during breaks and started hatching our cross-border plan. In 2019, four of us from Pakistan, Nepal, India, and China formed team PANIC and plan to discover how do China's PV exports impact South Asian countries? We were among CLEW's finalists for the 2019 'Go Collaborate – Energy Transition Story Grant' and used this grant to set up a cross-border reporting collaboration.
Besides reporting on the energy issues, I also work as the host and presenter by inviting experts from international think tanks such as Agora energiewende and Rocky Mountain Institute to share energy transition experience to energy insiders.