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Benjamin Strick

Centre for Information Resilience
Director of Investigations
United Kingdom

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Benjamin Strick is a digital investigator with a background in law, military and technology, specialising in open source intelligence (OSINT), investigations, influence operations, data and maps. Ben is the Director of Investigations at the Centre for Information Resilience and leads teams in the use of open source intelligence (OSINT) to support civil society, media, governments and accountability mechanisms, with a strong focus on Ukraine and Myanmar. He has applied these skills to document human rights abuses and war crimes across the world working with international media to create multi-award-winning investigative documentaries and assist civil society. He shares his passion for open source investigations through free YouTube tutorials to democratise these skills. Ben was previously an open source investigator with BBC Africa Eye, is a Bellingcat contributor and co-founder of Ocelli Project. In 2021 he was awarded Open Source Intelligence Champion of the Year for investment, commitment and contribution to the field. Ben is known for investigating Cameroonian executions, taking down influence operations targeting human rights, documenting a massacre in Sudan, tracking drones in Libya, documenting destroyed villages in Myanmar, investigating arms exports, identifying deceptive networks in India, investigating human rights abuses in Myanmar and finding John McAfee.

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