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Abigail Edge

Edge Media
Freelance Journalist & Entrepreneur
Birmingham, UK

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Abigail is a freelance journalist, author, academic and technologist. She has worked as a staffer and freelancer in the UK and US for various media and commercial organisations, including the Guardian, BBC News, VICE and The Independent.

Abigail was a 2019 Google News Initiative Teaching Fellow, teaching digital storytelling skills to more than 2,000 journalists across the UK and Europe, and has won awards including the Guardian's Scott Trust Bursary and the PEN America Writers' Fund.

Alongside editorial projects, Abigail now leads online courses and coaching for freelance journalists, focusing on entrepreneurial and storytelling skills. She is a visiting lecturer at City, University of London, and the University of Huddersfield, where she teaches BA Digital Journalism and BA Investigative Journalism respectively.

Abigail also works as a consultant, helping legacy and new media outlets develop projects around digital innovation. From her base in Birmingham, she works for a range of local, national and international clients and is currently working on her first book, a memoir-meets-manifesto on coercive control.

Instagram: @abigailedge
Twitter: @abigailedge

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